June 2016

Joy Awaits

Dear God I surrender this situation to you. May it be used for your purpose.  I ask only that my heart be open to give love and to receive love.  May all results unfold according to your will.  Amen This is one of the sweetest prayers I know.  It is the prayer of faith, which… Read More

What is health?

What Is Health?

Health defined by Western medicine is the absence or the inability to detect disease. Especially in my early years of practicing medicine, this was a source of great frustration to both the patients and I.  I would believe that the patient had real symptoms and could not find anything. I was relieved when I came… Read More

Why Yoga

Why Yoga?

When I first started to practice yoga in my mid-twenties, it was for exercise and flexibility.  I was naturally drawn to dynamic yoga classes such as asthanga and vinyasa yoga.  I loved the fast-paced classes that strengthened and toned my body, but also increased my flexibility and balance. It wasn’t until my forties though that… Read More

On Grief

On Grief

Blessed be to all who are in the experience of loss. The follow is an excerpt from The Smell of Rain on Dust by Martin Prechtel: Like rennet, which converts what even a calf can’t digest in his own mother’s milk into a delicious life-giving cheese or like yeasts that are always in the air… Read More

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