February 2017



There are four universal NEEDS of the heart.  They are appreciation, attention, affection and acceptance.  Each and every one of us has these needs and much of our behavior, consciously or unconsciously, is driven by these needs.  We were never taught that we could provide these for ourselves, so we end up seeking these needs… Read More


a physical challenge Can remind us of our potential

Doing something that scares us can sometimes be just the prescription we need to feel ALIVE.  Each of us is our own your biggest naysayer and critic.  Occasionally we need to a physical challenge to remember our potential. This past year I incorporated crow pose, which is an arm balance, into my yoga practice.  Arm… Read More

Email Overwhlem

I was first introduced to David Allen through one of my mentors about one year ago.  At that time, I was experiencing overwhelm just at the thought of opening my email.  I have since employed his time and task mastery techniques for email in my own life and wow!  David Allen’s approach is both practical… Read More

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