May 2017

The Tragic Gap

The Gap

“Through all our lives we are face with the task of reconciling opposites which, in logical thought, cannot be reconciled.... How can one reconcil  the demands of freedom and discipline in education? Countless mothers and teachers, in fact, do it, but no one can write down a solution. They do it by bringing into the… Read More

Why poetry?

Why poetry

Poetry, like stories and music, has a way of going beyond our ordinary thinking minds.  Poetry provides us with a deeper understanding and interconnectedness. Poetry often is alchemical.  In ancient times, it was musicians and the bards that were most highly honored.  Here are a few of my current favorites: Every child has known God… Read More

Mothers Day

invisible work by Allison Luterman Because no one could ever praise me enough, because I don't mean these poems only but the unseen unbelievable effort it takes to live the life that goes on between them, I think all the time about invisible work. About the young mother on Welfare I interviewed years ago, who… Read More

10 Tips to Improve Digestion

Digestion is considered the foundation of optimal health in both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Any issues of gas, bloating, constipation, reflux or heartburn that occur more than 25% of the time most likely indicates digestive issues. Improving digestion may result in weight loss, resolution of heartburn, gas and bloating issues, as well as improved… Read More

What Gorgeous Thing

Upon hearing the sweet birdsong of spring this morning on my walk I am inspired to share this Mary Oliver poem with you: I do not know what gorgeous thing the bluebird keep saying, his voice easing out of his throat, beak, body into the pink air of early morning. I like it whatever it… Read More

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