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a physical challenge Can remind us of our potential

Doing something that scares us can sometimes be just the prescription we need to feel ALIVE.  Each of us is our own your biggest naysayer and critic.  Occasionally we need to a physical challenge to remember our potential.

This past year I incorporated crow pose, which is an arm balance, into my yoga practice.  Arm balances are something that I never thought I could do or would do.  I justified it by saying to myself, “If I fall I will get hurt.”  While that could be true, the truth is the ground is not but a few inches from my torso in crow pose.  While I did topple lots in the process, I never got hurt.  The lessons learned were immense.  None of them earth shattering, yet sometimes we can know things with our heads, but having the experience in our bodies is priceless.

So I learned that yup, I can get back up.  Yup, I can laugh at myself.  Yup, I can play.  But best of all I learned about my strength, determination, and resiliency.  I learned that I can trust my body in this process.  This physical feat involved a sacrifice mostly of my ego and some of my fear.  Physical feats show us what we’re capable of, and when we know what we’re capable of in the physical realm, then we got the psychological game down for when life challenges us because we know what is possible for ourselves from ourselves. Share with me on my FB page what you commit to doing, then do it.  All the best to you!

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