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Animal and Insect Helpers

Animal and Insect Helpers

In Balinese culture there is awareness that the Divine speaks to us humans through symbols.  Symbolically the Divine may communicate to us through the animal and insect kingdoms.  This is recognized not only in Bali, but also in many indigenous and native cultures.  In Bali monkeys are highly honored for their playfulness, community, and curiosity.  If a monkey is seen in Bali, it is thought to be reminding the human to play more or be more curious or devote more time to relationships.

It is believed that if an animal or insect presents itself to a human, especially if it is in an unusual way or repetitive, that the animal or insect has a message it is delivering.   What do I mean in an unusual way?   For example, seeing a fly in your house during the December in northern Minnesota.  Yes, this has happened to me!

If you have the experience of animal appearance in your life, the first questions to ask yourself are “What does this animal mean to me?   What are its traits and characteristics?”

If you need support exploring this, Sarah Seidelman’s book “What the Walrus Knows.”  Sarah also has an app by the same name for your smart phone!


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