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Cultivate Stillness and Wonder

Attention is the second need of the heart.  Attention is deep listening.  Listening with the whole of one’s being.  It is listening with the eyes, skin, gut, nose, tongue, as well as the ears.  Listening at deep level often requires us to slow down, to cultivate stillness and wonder.  Deep listening is an act of the heart.

Attention begins with us listening to ourselves.

No on can give us what we truly desire until we give that to ourselves.   So many of the people I work worth want intimacy.  They are often shocked and dismayed when I share with them that intimacy starts from within.  It starts with us cultivating a deep relationship with ourselves.  Cultivating a caring and honoring relationship with our own selves allows us access to courage.  Courage is the ability to act from the guidance of our hearts in the moment.  Courage allows us to act in the world from a place of unshakeable faith and love that only comes from knowing our own souls.  While such does not make sense to our minds and may counter logic, as well as the prevalent culture, it is such that soothes the deep longing that nags at us even when by logic we have everything we want and we think we should be happy.

Such intimacy with our own selves may be cultivated as I alluded to above.  Methods for cultivation include yoga, meditation, Father Thomas Keating’s centering prayer, tending our dreams, connecting with the natural world, and working with a mentor.  For more information on centering prayer, please connect here.

“Be still, and know that I am God.”  ~ Psalm 46:10

Until next week, listen well and be!

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