Ayurvedic approach to diet, at IreneCarr.com: Ayurveda describes six tastes and recommends ingesting all of them at each meal. Western medicine also recognizes six tastes, but does not promote them as such. The six tastes are: sweet sour salty pungent bitter astringent

Are you like me and can eat a delicious meal and feel physically full, yet still have a hankering for something? The experience of feeling physically full, but not satisfied, was once very common to me. However, since adapting an Ayurvedic approach to diet, this is now a rare occurrence. Ayurveda describes six tastes and… Read More

Ayurvedic summer time tips to cool you off fast! Essential oils for summer: peppermint, sandalwood, jasmine, & rose. IreneCarr.com

One of my favorite ways to cool off is rose water.  You can spray it on your face, neck and body if you like.  My favorite is Heritage Store Rosewater. Since our attitudes can heat up with the external temperature, nature created scents that can cool our mental attitude. For summer focus on using these… Read More