Personal development

A Personal Share

Dear Friends, Thank you so much for your support and sharing.  My life is taking a new direction.  It is a heart calling.  I feel all of my life experience has accumulated to serve this calling.  Later this year, I will be starting in a training program to become a hospice and palliative care physician… Read More

Dying...a journey, a memoir

I was chosen as the caretaker of Bella, a chocolate Labrador, over 13 years ago.  She was born into my home and nearly a year ago she had an all-natural death in our home.  Despite knowing the physical process of death, it was difficult, yet a beautiful blessing. Our society doesn’t do death.  Our pets… Read More



“One would think that the unexpected brings the most stress to our lives. However,  psychologist say planned changes are even more disruptive than unplanned change.  Somehow saying an event “just happened” is excused as an event from nature, from the mystery.  We can fight such events them, ignore them, or accept them. But we know… Read More

Age-ing or Sage-ing

As I approach 50, I envision a second half of life with more depth and meaning than the first, with more contribution, with more love and more connection.  In preparation for such I have started to read a transformational book by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Rodald S. Miller called “From Age-ing to Sage-ing.” The authors point… Read More


Lifestyle Determines Health

“...if we remember the fundamental principle that the symptomatology of an illness is at the same time a natural attempt at healing....”  ~C.G.Jung, Collected Works How would we relate differently to our achy backs and stiff joints, or instable blood sugars and heartburn if we honored the symptom as the body’s way of attempting to… Read More

Dream Tending

Dreams are the royal road to the consciousness

Freud said, “Dreams are the royal road to the consciousness.” Dreams can release emotional steam from our daily lives. Dreams may be an inner resource, especially during difficult times. Dreams are alive and have their own wisdom.  Reasoning and intellect pales in comparison to dream tending, which approaches all life's deep questions from a different perspective. To… Read More