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Soul and Role

Find the light

Although I could not articulate it at the time, one of the most painful nidi that inspired me to leave corporate medicine was the division that it supported and even demanded between soul and role.  It is not just corporate medicine, though, that partakes in this divisiveness, our culture is vested in it. As Parker… Read More

The Tragic Gap

The Gap

“Through all our lives we are face with the task of reconciling opposites which, in logical thought, cannot be reconciled.... How can one reconcil  the demands of freedom and discipline in education? Countless mothers and teachers, in fact, do it, but no one can write down a solution. They do it by bringing into the… Read More

Why poetry?

Why poetry

Poetry, like stories and music, has a way of going beyond our ordinary thinking minds.  Poetry provides us with a deeper understanding and interconnectedness. Poetry often is alchemical.  In ancient times, it was musicians and the bards that were most highly honored.  Here are a few of my current favorites: Every child has known God… Read More



Paradox is defined as a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd, but in reality expresses a possible truth.   The mind in its linear and logic manner often dismisses paradoxes.  Yet, paradox is where life is rich, full and delicious.  Paradox contains mystery and depth. As satisfying as it may initially seem when we… Read More

A Hidden Wholeness

This is the clever title of one of Parker Palmer’s books.  The title suggests that we are all whole already, but it is hidden from us. Why is it hidden? How did that happen? Usually it begins when we are children.  We learn that how we are in our natural state is not always approved… Read More

It is Not PERSONAL!-

This is a profound way to live our lives, yet we all live counter to it, at least sometimes.  We take another’s words and actions as personal and in doing so cause great harm to our relationships and to our selves. My greatest teacher in this has been my dog, Bella.  She takes care of… Read More