Preventative Health

10 Tips to Improve Digestion

Digestion is considered the foundation of optimal health in both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Any issues of gas, bloating, constipation, reflux or heartburn that occur more than 25% of the time most likely indicates digestive issues. Improving digestion may result in weight loss, resolution of heartburn, gas and bloating issues, as well as improved… Read More

Glycemic Load

Perhaps you have heard of glycemic index (GI).  This is an indicator of how different foods affect our blood glucose (sugar) levels.  As glycemic index does not factor in the amount of food consumed, it may be misleading indicator.  Both quantity and quality of food consumed affects blood glucose. The glycemic load (GL) of a… Read More



There are four universal NEEDS of the heart.  They are appreciation, attention, affection and acceptance.  Each and every one of us has these needs and much of our behavior, consciously or unconsciously, is driven by these needs.  We were never taught that we could provide these for ourselves, so we end up seeking these needs… Read More

Basic Gluten Free Cookie

Basic GF Cookie recipe – combining GF and pleasure…yum! 1/2 ghee 1/2 nut butter 1/2 coconut sugar or palm sugar 8 cardamom pods, seeds only, pulverized 1 t cinnamon 1/2t turmeric 2 eggs 1 c gf flour (I use Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Baking Flour) 3/4 c quinoa flakes 1/2 t Salt 1/8 t… Read More

Why Gluten Free?

More than 55 diseases have been linked to gluten, the protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. It's estimated that 99% of the people who have either gluten intolerance or celiac disease are never diagnosed.  It is also estimated that as much as 15% of the US population is gluten intolerant. If you have any… Read More

Plants to Improve Air Quality

NASA and a multitude of other organizations interested in improving interior air quality have studied which plants are best to do just that.  Here are some plants to consider investing in not only for the improved air quality, but also for the potential to improve mental health and longevity. Snake plants are one of the… Read More