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Divine Love

Divine Love

How would your life be lived if you had reverence for who and what you truly are?

Our genes come from God’s genes, so why do we treat ourselves as if we are less than?  This not an exercise in judgment, we are all plenty good at that, rather this is an exercise in compassionate inquiry.  Perhaps envision and feel yourself right now as an innocent child.  Now ask yourself “How would I live if I had reverence for who and what I truly am?”

Marianne Williamson in her book A Return to Love states, “All that arises is either love or a call for love.”  That foul mood, aching back, grimace, the suicide threat…all are simply love or a call for love.   Now ask yourself “How can I best support myself knowing my stiff neck is love or a cry for love?”

When we start to live this way is we step into who and what we truly are.  We start to radiate.  We start to do our own part without trying, forcing or striving, while contributing to the happiness of all.

So while you may even believe this stuff, that is not of importance.  I had a client say to me the other day, “But I teach yoga.”  My reply was “That is wonderful, yet do you LIVE yoga?”  It does not matter what we believe, rather what matters is what do we live?   The poet Rainer Maria Rilke reminds use poetically to “Live the questions now, and perhaps you will find yourself experiencing the answer.”

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