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Develop Conscious Relationships

Do you hide out in relationship?  What I mean by that is do you only have relationships with the people who are most like you in that they share your opinions, beliefs, and behaviors.  Do you avoid people who stir up feelings of dislike, trigger you in some way, or simply make your blood boil although you can’t pinpoint exactly why that is?

Most of us use relationship to nurture our egos, thereby hiding from our shadow qualities.  The people who we avoid or dislike or trigger us often contain a shadow quality we have that we would rather never see or admit to.  The danger in avoiding our shadow is that we never fully mature in our spiritual growth, which is the foundation of why any of us are really here.

There is an evolutionary path of relationship called conscious relationship.  It may be between you and another person (intimate partner or friend) or between you and an animal or plant.  It is entered into by both parties through willingness, commitment and awareness.  This path is not often harmonious, nor easy, and therefore it may seem unappealing.  It requires an understanding and a compassion for your humanness and a concurrent embracing of your own divinity, so that you may extend that to your partner in conscious relationship.  This is the path of all inclusiveness, which is the path of the soul.

Whenever we are excluding anything, we are in ego mind.

The path of conscious relationship is the path of agape, unconditional love and acceptance.  It begins between two.  It is the willingness to be fully seen, heard and experienced in all your and another’s contradictions. The reward of this path is exultation of our souls.

The commandment is “Love your enemies as you love your self.”  One may argue how can I love another as such, I don’t even love my self.  Well, we all have a fear of death.  If you don’t believe it, then why does your heart speed up when you have a near miss such as almost getting hit by a car?, In any feeling is at least the seed of its opposite.  The opposite of fear is love.  (One may say the opposite of love is hate, but taken to its root hate arises from fear.)  So even those amongst us who feel they hate themselves, there is at least a seedling of love, an instinctual love is present to work with.

Wishing you evolutionary relating!

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