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Facebook(FB) for Connecting

Facebook(FB) for Connecting

I have some really lovely FB goodness to share…recently a delightful 66 year old woman shared the romance of her lifetime with me.  She was 17 years old when she smiled at a distance to a baseball player in the dugout.  He smiled back.  They spent two whole summers smiling at each other through the baseball fencing.   Finally, he asked her to the Beach Boys concert the fall of her senior year and his freshman year of college.  They went and had a great time.  Then life happened, and they lost touch.  She went on to have a career in the airline industry, and although she had relationships throughout the years, she never married nor had children.  He did marry after returning from Vietnam and went on to have a family.

Well, when his children were older they got curious about what was in dad’s tin box that he always carried with him.  In the tin box he carried a bible and a rosary, given to him by his father and mother, respectively, as he went off to war.  But the kids, now young adults of divorced parents, were most interested in the other item in the box, which was a bow, a hair bow.  He explained that it belonged to the one who got away.  His daughter asked “Dad, why don’t you try to contact her?” she then added “I’ll help you.  With the technology available, I am sure we can find her.”

That began a two-year search.

Reluctantly, he agreed to get on Facebook.  She too, at about the same time, reluctantly joined Facebook.  She had retired from the airline industry because she felt there was something else she was yet to contribute to the world.  After retirement, she started to write poems.  A dear friend encouraged her to get on Facebook as part of establishing an audience for her poetry.  She did.  Well, low and behold, they were both on Facebook one day at the same time, and he sent her message speaking of their past connection.  She replied giddy as a schoolgirl.  They courted mostly by messaging over the next 6 months, then subsequently married.  Now five years into the marriage she continues to declare herself the luckiest woman for having the experience of deep intimacy that a romantic relationship may provide.

What beautiful Facebook story do you know of?  Please share on my FB page!

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