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Hot! Hot! Hot! Ayurvedic summer time tips to cool you off fast!

Ayurvedic summer time tips to cool you off fast! Essential oils for summer: peppermint, sandalwood, jasmine, & rose.

One of my favorite ways to cool off is rose water.  You can spray it on your face, neck and body if you like.  My favorite is Heritage Store Rosewater.

Since our attitudes can heat up with the external temperature, nature created scents that can cool our mental attitude.

For summer focus on using these essential oils:

  • peppermint
  • sandalwood
  • jasmine
  • rose.

Many of us notice with increased temperature, our appetites decrease.

It is important to indulge less and follow the body’s cue. Also digestion can be supported by drinking water at room temperature or slightly warm. Infusing water with thinly sliced cucumbers and slightly crushed mint leaves adds to its internal cooling ability.   Also drink the majority of your fluids in between meals and sip during meals.

Lastly and most luxuriously, use coconut oil to give yourself a massage.  If you don’t feel up to a whole body massage, then focus on feet, ears, face and the back of the neck.

Enjoy sweet coolness!

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