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How to Cultivate Resiliancy

How to Cultivate Resiliancy. (

Resiliency is cultivated by DAILY attention to the following:

  • Enjoy an attitude of gratitude and curiosity.
  • Asking questions and letting go of the interpretations or stories.
  • Acknowledgement and commitment to personal values
  • Accepting and expecting change…allowing it to be exhilarating!
  • Acknowledging everyone is doing the best they can in this moment.
  • Open to awe and wonder…invite surprise!
  • Laugh daily for no reason…yes, no reason! You can do it!
  • Celebrate everything! It is all part of the Divine plan.
  • Cultivating a fertile soil within by resting, dancing/jigging, eating real food, digesting emotions, tending to yourself, and getting into nature.

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