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How To Say No

“No” is a complete sentence. How we say “No” is another issue. Is it out of fear, anger, resentment, or is out of love, caring and understanding? “No” does not need an explanation or a justification externally or internally. However, it does need a loving delivery, which arises from within in us when we speak it from a place of honoring our heart and soul. It requires the receiver of “No” to trust that the deliverer of “No” is honoring him-/herself.

Whenever one honors one’s heart and soul that person honors the whole of life.

One caveat though, when saying “no” via email or texting provide some emotional context to your recipient since there is lack of verbal tone and facial expression in such modalities. What typically happens when such context is not provided is the recipient infers the tone and facial expression based on their own inner emotional state. For example, if the recipient is angry and receives an email or text without the sender’s emotional context, then he or she will interpret the words with an angry tone.

Finally, if “No” comes out of you from a place of anger or resentment, or you do not have the energy in your reply via text or email to give context, then be compassionate with yourself. May you honor your heart and soul!

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