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Joy Awaits

Dear God I surrender this situation to you. May it be used for your purpose.  I ask only that my heart be open to give love and to receive love.  May all results unfold according to your will.  Amen

This is one of the sweetest prayers I know.  It is the prayer of faith, which encompasses trust and surrender, which frees our hearts to allow the bi-directional flow of love.

Reflecting to the time when I was working as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist, I now understand that although my intent was to flow love and work from an open heart that was not often the case.  And from my experience, we can’t force our hearts to be open…I sure tried that too!

A common, yet depleting, pattern of behavior for caregivers is to give, but never allow any receiving.

Recently, I had the realization that I never let myself receive in my heart the words “Thank you.”  If I heard them from a patient, I’d often reply “I’m just doing my job,” or “So happy for you.”  Part of that inability to receive is what is taught consciously and unconsciously during medical school and residency…don’t feel, which shows up in the denial of one’s own human needs from sleep to food to bathroom needs to feelings.

The other part, which played at least an equal role for me, was if I’d allow “Thank you” into my heart that meant I had to feel all the other emotions that go with being human like disappointment, sadness, grief, etc.  And the truth was not only did I not want to feel those feelings, but I did not know how.   Although intellectually I was at the top of the mountain, my emotional capacity to feel and process was at the bottom of the valley.  I feel this is true of many of us today.  That of course leads us to a whole host of issues from physical aliments to mental health issues.

When we start to open our hearts, it can be overwhelming as it often is an unpacking of several decades of unfelt feelings.  Yes, it is uncomfortable, yet I can say it is so liberating and delicious too.  Feelings and the ability to feel is what adds richness and depth to our lives and makes life worth living.

Often, support is needed for this undertaking, so if joy is your desire then connect now with a trusted friend, counselor, coach, or yours truly!

Do it now for your joy awaits!!!

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