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How can I be more loving to myself right now? - Irene Carr

Does anything else provide us with such a range of experiences or definitions?

I was recently at a friend’s house and noticed a book on her table. The book was titled, Getting the Love You Want. I did not peruse through the book, so I have no idea what it says. Yet, the book stirred some big emotions in me. Perhaps, it is that love is uncertain. Perhaps, it is that love controlled doesn’t feel good. Perhaps, love gotten through any form of manipulation or coercion feels yucky. Perhaps, depending on love from external sources doesn’t completely satisfy…or at least these have been my experiences.

I believe one mandatory course we all take as human beings in the school of life is LOVE. We learn about it in so many ways. It is the ultimate teacher, and it is the ultimate element for fulfillment and joy.

The primary vehicle that teaches us about LOVE is our relationships, and of those it is our relationship with our own self. Self-love is the element that fulfills and allows us to flow love, which guarantees the experience of love that we are all dying to have.

See for yourself… notice how you treat another when you are feeling loving toward yourself and notice how you are treating another when you are not feeling loving towards yourself, but stay in the place and spirit of observation and compassion. Then start to ask yourself “How can I be more loving to myself right now?” The beautiful thing about asking the question is the answers come.

Wishing you deep love and compassion for yourself… Remember you are a child of God and worthy by your existence alone!

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