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NO Tipping


Recently a new restaurant opened locally.  This new restaurant has a no-tipping policy.  I was surprised to feel relieved about not needing to tip and complied readily.

I waitressed for over a decade, so I know firsthand about how important tips are to wait staff; literally, healthy tipping means eating and being able to pay rent or not.

However, this new restaurant states that it is their commitment to provide their staff an excellent wage so that they, the staff, are not subjected to the whim of the general public to support them.  The trade off is that their prices are moderately higher, which I gladly pay to ensure my fellow humans’ well being…note well being is not just physical health, it is also financial health and community health.

When we choose to care for each other this way, we are caring for our communities and our selves.  In the words of Jesus, “Do onto others as you would have done on to you.”

How do you wish to be treated in this world?

Choose one thing, remembering the simpler and the smaller the better.  Now go forth and provide that it others.  Have fun…make it a game and remember to smile!

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