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Paradox is defined as a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd, but in reality expresses a possible truth.   The mind in its linear and logic manner often dismisses paradoxes.  Yet, paradox is where life is rich, full and delicious.  Paradox contains mystery and depth.

As satisfying as it may initially seem when we are operating from the black and white mind, it is also devoid of sustenance.  It is unsatisfactory, perhaps even bitter at some level.

In Buddhism everything is seen as a continuum.  For example, within sadness is the seed of joy and within joy is the seed of sadness.

The trick is to experience all of life without identifying with any particular experience.

There is a shift that begins to occur when we start to look for the truth from many different points of view, when we start to see how different points of view have at least a few commonalities in their reasoning or underlying goal.  The world of either/or begins to fade and we move into a world of both/and.

The world of both/and is the world of peace, health and gratitude. It is the reality of existence and the path of wholeness.  Start to play with it by listening to any debate or disagreement and asking yourself, “What do these two different points of view have in common?”  Or if you are in a debate or disagreement with another keep in mind the question, “What do I and this person have in common?”  See what happens and share with me on my FB page.  Have fun!

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