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Passion: Presence, Polarity, Playfulness

presence, polarity, and playfulness. -

Are you dying for more passion in your intimate relationship?

Have you visited the issue with your partner many times, yet seem to fall into the old rut? Have you been taught or do you believe that passion is reserved for the first few weeks, months or years of a relationship, then fades permanently? For passion to thrive in a relationship, the relationship requires presence, polarity, and playfulness.


Are you tuned into your partner or tuned out? Tuned in is a turn on. When your partner is talking, are you listening or is your attention on your to-do list? Presence means giving your attention to your partner. It can be demonstrated by looking your partner in the eyes, or by sitting down while they are talking, or by asking questions such as “Tell me more.”


Are you allowing the dance of the male and female roles, or is there ambiguity or ridged assignments? This is a little ambiguous. Let’s say you are at heart a feminine woman, invite more of that by wearing pastels, having flowers around regularly, or dance to one song daily.


Need I say more? Invite your flirtatious self to come out and play. She is still there and is ready to spring into action.

Put these into action for 90 days, then see if things are not passionate!

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