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Pleasure, part four

“To feel beauty, is to know the truth. To know the truth is to be in love.”

Inspired by The Pleasure Zone by Stella Resnick, Ph.D.

How often, if ever, do you allow yourself to imbibe in beauty?  To be attracted to what is beautiful AND linger in it without succumbing to the voice that says, “I should be doing something productive.  I need to get back to work.”  We all say we need a break, but given a break, do we allow ourselves to relax into the pleasure that beauty provides?

Beauty, of course, is timeless and in the eye of the beholder.

We can imagine it or it can be in our physical presence.  It has been said by the wisdom texts “To feel beauty, is to know the truth.  To know the truth is to be in love.”  Explore this as contemplation for yourself.

Beauty may be experienced through all of the senses.  Experiment with soaking the eyes in that which please you, or smelling that which excites you, or tasting that which nourishes you, or listening to that which moves you, or touching that which caresses you.

May you allow beauty to inspire, drive and mold you all the while imbibing in pleasure.

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