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Pleasure, part three

Laughter is serious stuff for research shows us that it reduces muscle tension, heart rate and blood pressure.

Inspired by The Pleasure Zone by Stella Resnick, Ph.D.

Hello!  How is your pleasure tolerance coming along?  Dr. Resnick writes there are four basic building blocks to foster lightness.  Lightness promoters are playing, laughing, moving, and vocalizing.

Play is simple, yet not so simple to us so serious adults.  Play is engaging in an activity just for fun…no goal, no getting it right, no time pressure.  Play can be cultivated as an attitude, but first it needs to be experienced.  So dive into what interests and excites you.  No more excuses…get going to register for that dance class you’ve always wanted to take, or those singing lesson, or perhaps it is the pottery making class.

When is the last time you laughed so hard your belly hurt, you cried, or you wet your pants?  Now that is laughter!  Laughter is serious stuff, research shows us that it reduces muscle tension, heart rate and blood pressure.  Laughter increases feel good hormone release, enhances immune function and energizes us.  One of my personal favorite classes to lead is laughter yoga.  Check the web to find a laughter yoga club near you.

Moving be it walking, bouncing or something else has the ability to shift our moods.  As a matter of fact, it has been said that prolonged sitting is as detrimental to one’s health as smoking.  Most experts recommend moving, not just shifting positions in that chair of yours, at least every hour.

So find out how you like to move and commit to moving!

Vocalizing…now what is that about?  It is about making sound.  It is the shrill that young girls make when they are delighted or surprised.  It is talking jibberish.  It is letting the groans, moans and shrieks come out of our mouths.  A safe place to experiment with this is a playground or in a laughter yoga class.

Ok, so lots to experiment with between now and next week.  Let me know how you are doing by posting on my FB page. Next week will be my last installment on pleasure, so hang in there and laugh lots!

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