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Practice: Where am I? What time is it?

'The most important activity is the one we are engaged in"

We have tangible solid answers to these questions, which often lead us to a cascade of thoughts. We start thinking of what is next or what has passed. Or our thoughts to answer these two questions may lead us to where we wish we were, where we think we should be or that this is taking too long, or it has gone by too fast.

You are here. The time is now.

Recently on a walk in the woods, I was pondering these questions. All the sudden the following came:

“Irene, you are here and it is now.” “Yes, of course.”

The more I stayed with those answers though, the more ease I felt in my body and the more calm my mind was.

Presence is a present

So yes, the time is always now and the place is always here. What that opens for us is immense… it means the most important activity is the one we are engaged in now at this time. It means nothing is wrong or missing. Presence heals, creates, laughs, plays, sings and dance… what more could we every want?

Please try this out for yourself for 7 days and see for your own beautiful self the magic of being here now.

Much love.

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