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Preventive Medicine

What one thing do you commit to doing in this moment to move towards optimal health and well-being? - Irene Carr,

As doctors and as patients, we have forgotten that screening tests are not preventative medicine. The original and continued benefits of screening tests is early detection, which does reduce morbidity and mortality.

However, it does not end there. A negative screening test does not mean we can go about our merry way until the next time the screening test is recommended. Sure we can feel good about ourselves for getting the test, but what we do on a daily basis is what determines our health and well-being.

We previously believed that genes determined our destiny.

However, the field of epigenetics has revealed this is simply not the case. Epigenetics is the study of DNA switches that can actually turn certain genes on and off. Our epigenetics determine what proteins get expressed and which don’t, which ultimately leads to health or disease.

What most exciting about this is…

…that each and everyone of us have the ability to influence these switches. We can turn on good genes and turn off bad ones by our daily habits. This allows us to create our genetic destiny and influence our health, longevity and vitality.

So friends, the pillars of health and well-being are found in appropriate sleep and rest, connection to our understanding of a Higher Power, healthy personal and professional relationships, stress modulation, appropriate exercise and appropriate diet.

What one thing do you commit to doing in this moment to move towards optimal health and well-being?

It could be that you close your eyes and unplug for one minute, or do a minute of jumping-jacks, or laugh out loud for one minute, or give yourself or someone you are with a hug for one minute. When we change one thing, we change everything. Enjoy!

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