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Symbols Support Remembrance

Symbols Support Remembrance

Recently I was in Bali.  One thing that I love and appreciate about Balinese culture is the daily rituals and ceremonies that celebrate the Divine. Although, I believe the Divine is everywhere…in all things and in every moment, I have a tendency to associate and recognize the Divine more easily when it is in symbolic form such as a temple or a cross.

In my opinion the Balinese recognize this human tendency and as such have erected mini-temples and other symbolic forms of the Divine everywhere…in their homes, on street corners, in places of business and in vehicles.  The Balinese seem to make the Divine real, lively, and present.

I found these symbols of the Divine’s presence especially helpful when I was in moments of “yuckiness” during my travels.  So, I have decided to support myself even more in the remembrance of the Divine’s presence since returning home.

I have made an altar in my home placing on it items near and dear to my heart such as rocks, a candle, and statue of Quan Yin.  In my pocket I now carry a small sea shell  called Shiva shell, which is believed to support intuition and discernment.   Hanging from my car’s rearview mirror is the “Om” symbol, which is the universal sound of oneness.  I have asked friends and family to say grace together before all meals together.

What are the symbols of the Divine’s presence that support and nurture you?  Where do you need them the most?  How can you support yourself best spiritually?  Do you have friends and family you can engage?

Have fun with this and know you can always try something and change it as you change!

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