Live Here. Now

This past spring in a span of 6 weeks, my poppa and my dog,Bella, died.  Bella is the dog you see pictured on my website.  Both were great teachers, but in very different ways. This blog is a tribute in deep appreciation of them both. The lessons I learned from my poppa: Problem solve...every mechanical… Read More

In order to die well, we must have lived well

The three main issues that I observed the last weeks of my father’s life that caused him great suffering were: His monkey mind – wild with thoughts. Inability to produce or to be productive, which for him was tied directly to his self-esteem. In ability to accept what life was offering. Perhaps I am mistaken… Read More

Death Can Be A Unifying Experience

This spring my father died.  It is said the strangest thing about human existence is that although death is occurring all around us, we don’t believe it will happen to us.  (This is from the Mahabharata, an ancient text.) I would say the same about my poppa passing.   I did not fully believe death would… Read More

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