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Over the years I have had many patients and friends share with me their experience of feeling “dismissed” by the doctor they were seeing.  It may have been a dismissal of symptoms or feelings or they felt they were not listened to. Having reflected on their experiences, I recalled times when I had acted in… Read More

Dream Tending

Dreams are the royal road to the consciousness

Freud said, “Dreams are the royal road to the consciousness.” Dreams can release emotional steam from our daily lives. Dreams may be an inner resource, especially during difficult times. Dreams are alive and have their own wisdom.  Reasoning and intellect pales in comparison to dream tending, which approaches all life's deep questions from a different perspective. To… Read More

Enemy or NOT

Develop Conscious Relationships

Do you hide out in relationship?  What I mean by that is do you only have relationships with the people who are most like you in that they share your opinions, beliefs, and behaviors.  Do you avoid people who stir up feelings of dislike, trigger you in some way, or simply make your blood boil… Read More


Receive the gift of conflict

Perhaps we’ve got this conflict or disagreement thing all wrong.  Perhaps it is a way to deepen relationship, and it is offering us a gift instead of a threat that something is going to be lost or taken away.  Perhaps it offers the opportunity of understanding another and ourselves much more deeply. In order to… Read More

Trust the wisdom of your own spirit

A Blessing for Beauty May the beauty of your life become more visible to you, that you may glimpse your wild divinity. May the wonders of the earth call you forth from all your small, secret prisons and set your feet free in the pastures of possibilities. May the light of dawn anoint your eyes that… Read More


How To Say No

“No” is a complete sentence. How we say “No” is another issue. Is it out of fear, anger, resentment, or is out of love, caring and understanding? “No” does not need an explanation or a justification externally or internally. However, it does need a loving delivery, which arises from within in us when we speak… Read More

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