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The Tragic Gap

The Gap

“Through all our lives we are face with the task of reconciling opposites which, in logical thought, cannot be reconciled…. How can one reconcil  the demands of freedom and discipline in education? Countless mothers and teachers, in fact, do it, but no one can write down a solution. They do it by bringing into the situation a force that belongs to a higher level where opposites are transcended- the power of love…. Divergent problems, as it were, force us to strain ourselves to a level above ourselves; They demand, and thus provoked the supply of, forces from a higher level, thus bringing love, beauty, goodness and truth into our lives,” states E.F.Schumacher in Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered.

The Tragic Gap, as coined by, Parker Palmer, is the place between what is and what is known in the heart to be possible.  It is the middle way.  It is devoid of forcing and striving.  It involves asking heartfelt questions, listening and allowing time to pass and for the answer to arise.  This is something you can practice internally for yourself, or bring it into your home dynamics. It may be used when all members of a group agree to experiment with this in order to address an issue.  It allows the soul to arise.  The soul is dynamic and creative, offering solutions that the mind cannot.

This may seem trite, yet try it for yourself in small ways.  Instead of going to your mind to try to figure something small out like what to make for dinner.  Ask yourself the question, then go for a 20-minute walk, then let the question go and enjoy nature.  See what happens.   Please share your experience on my FB page.   All the best!

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