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What is Great about Being Human?

What is Great about Being Human?

All too often, we focus on what we do not like about being human.  Recently, I did an exercise where I asked myself,  “What do I enjoy about being human?”

This is what came to me:

  • Interacting with dogs. Smelling them, feeling their fur, receiving their kisses, and watching their behavior.
  • Tasting wholesome food. Enjoying the array of flavors and how flavors combine. Appreciating all the elements and people involved in the growing of the food.  Appreciating the nourishment of my body.
  • Interacting with nature. Seeing sunrises and sunsets. Feeling the wind and the warmth of the sun on my skin. Leaning against a tree. Smelling the earth.
  • Cooking creative meals and sharing them. I love to turn to recipes for inspiration then modify with the ingredients I have within my house at the moment, then share the meal with dear family or friends.
  • Looking deeply into the eyes of another and experiencing communion.
  • The gift of healthy touch either through massage, abhyanga, or trusted loved one’s hug or handholding.
  • Laughing!
  • Singing, especially with multigenerational groups spontaneously!
  • Practicing yoga and meditation…being in this body and in this moment is simply delightful!

How about you?  What do appreciate about being human?  As Father Richard Rohr has reminded us in many of his books and sermons, “It is good to be human.  It is good to live on this earth. It is good to have a body for God in Jesus chose and said ‘yes’ to our humanity. Incarnation is already redemptive. The problem is solved. Now go and truly enjoy all your remaining days.”

Consider sharing your lift on my FB page or with someone you appreciate.  Blessings and appreciation!

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