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What is health?

What Is Health?

Health defined by Western medicine is the absence or the inability to detect disease.

Especially in my early years of practicing medicine, this was a source of great frustration to both the patients and I.  I would believe that the patient had real symptoms and could not find anything.

I was relieved when I came to Ayurveda as it had an explanation of this phenomenon.

Ayurveda views the definition of health as much broader.  Ayurveda states that healthy person is one who experiences balanced digestion, healthy tissues, balanced bodily elements, healthy elimination, as well as pleasant sensory and motor organs, mind and spirit.

Ayurveda also states that there are six stages to disease.  The first three stages of disease are undetectable by Western medicine’s tests.  This means when you are evaluated for fatigue and all your lab tests come back normal that you definitely are experiencing fatigue, but the disease process has not progressed enough to be detected.

The great news about this is that usually dietary and lifestyle modification, as well as supported mental and emotional processing techniques are usually all that is needed to resolve the issue.  In addition Ayurveda can help guide the modifications of diet and lifestyle to get you feeling great through such tools as pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis.

So if you have been told by Western medicine that your tests are all normal, yet you don’t feel all normal, consider a consultation with an Ayurvedic practitioner such as myself today!

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