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When happiness feels like a hot potato…

When happiness is present, does it fell uncomfortable, perhaps even triggers anxiety or fear?

Are you like me in that happiness feels like a really hot potato?  In other words:

When happiness is present, does it feel uncomfortable, perhaps even triggering anxiety or fear?

Happiness Can Be Foreign

Happiness has been a very unfamiliar visitor to my emotional experience until recently.  When it had shown up in the past, I almost always immediately shunned it as it was so foreign.  The truth of the matter was happiness felt uncomfortable because it was unfamiliar.

Universal Law

Over time, I started to let happiness stay, which evoked in me anxiety or fear… fear that happiness would go away.  While it is true happiness does go away, I’ve learned to trust that it will come back.  Change is a universal law whether we try to control it or allow it.

Are you allowing happiness to come and go as freely as you’d like?

If not and you’d like to explore how, consider working with me today by booking a free discovery session.  Blessings and happiness to you!

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